17 February, 2023

Chasing Cheese!

5 specialty dishes featuring 8 Italian cheeses coming soon to Pici near you!

Pici Pasta Bar is excited to announce ‘Chasing Cheese’. This limited-time special celebrates the rich diversity of Italian cheeses by featuring eight different types of Italian cheese in new Pici pasta dishes. From smoked scamorza to gorgonzola dolce, Pici’s Executive Chef Davide Borin is excited to showcase one of Italy’s most prized culinary offerings.

“Cheese is a product we Italians are truly proud of,” says Pici Corporate Chef Davide Borin. “We want to delight Hong Kong’s pasta lovers with these cheese-centric dishes, which perfectly balance the richness and depth of flavours of these exceptional ingredients.”

Baked Tomino “In Camicia”
Ricottina di Bufala (V) 
Maccheroni Truffle & Gorgonzola (V)

The ‘Chasing Cheese’ menu includes two starters, two pasta dishes, and a dessert to share, all available A La Carte or as additions to each Pici’s daily tasting menu. Dishes include Baked Tomino (HKD140) ‘in Camicia’, Ricottina di Bufala (HKD120), homemade Maccheroni Truffle and Blue Cheese (HKD190), Bottoni Smoked Provola & spicy Nduja (HKD170), and a light and fluffy Burrata Cheesecake (HKD140) for two. All dishes feature inventive combinations of the eight Italian cheeses, including Smoked Scamorza, Burrata from Puglia, Gorgonzola Dolce, Mascarpone, Grana Padano, Smoked Provola, Ricotta Buffalo, Tomino, and Parmigiano.

Ravioli Bottoni ‘Nduja & Smoked Scamorza
Ravioli Campagnola
Burrata Cheesecake (V)

The campaign consists of two rounds, with round one starting on March 6 and ending on March 20 at Pici Central, Pici Causeway Bay, and Pici Tsim Sha Tsui. Round two will follow from March 21 to April 16 and will be available at Pici Wanchai, Pici Tseung Kwan O, Pici Kennedy Town, and Pici TaiKoo Place

Chasing Cheese will also be active from March 1 to April 16 at Pici Lai Chi Kok and Pici Sha Tin where select cheese dishes, including Baked Smoked Scamorza (HKD110), Ravioli Campagnola (HKD160), Parmesan and Tomato Soup (HKD110) and Strozzapreti Fontina (HKD140),  will be included as part of each venue’s set dinner menu (HKD248 for 1 person and 448HKD for 2 persons). 

Pici Pasta Bar’s Corporate Chef, Davide Borin, shared his enthusiasm for the new campaign, stating: “We’re so excited to showcase our Italian heritage with our signature pasta dishes that feature some of the most cherished Italian cheeses. We can’t wait for our guests to experience these new dishes and join us in the chase for cheesy goodness!”

Whether you’re looking for an indulgent dinner or a fun night out with friends, ‘Chasing Cheese’ is not to be missed. Be sure to check the schedule below to follow which Pici locations are serving ‘Chase the Cheese’ and when. Come, join the chase and experience the cheesy goodness for yourself!

Available at Pici Central, Causeway Bay & Tsim Sha Tsui from 6th – 20th March

Available at Pici Wan Chai, Kennedy Town, Taikoo Place & Tseung Kwan O from 21st March – 16th April



Available at Pici Lai Chi Kok & Sha Tin from 1st March to 16th April as additions to set dinner menus


*Dishes vary per location and date 菜單因分店而有所不同


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