29 December, 2020

Beef Ragu

Slow-cooked, rich, savoury and oh so very filling, beef ragu pasta is a classic that can be enjoyed anytime.


  • 200gr carrots
  • 200gr celery
  • 200gr white onion
  • 2kg minced beef
  • 100gr tomato concentrate
  • 500ml red wine
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary Sage
  • 100gr olive oil
  • 1.5lt of veg or beef stock


Chop finely all the vegetables then cook them with olive oil in a pot over a medium heat.

Once the veggies get caramelised and the onion’s pungent’s aroma is being cooked off, add in the minced beef.

Sautée the beef until brown. Pour the red wine in and cook the alcohol off. Add in the stock, salt, herbs and tomato concentrate.

Simmer it with low heat for 3 hours.


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